Save up to AED 900 with Best’s Equipment Tickets!!

by kitepro | on Dec31 2010


For a very limited time: Best Kiteboading offers a fabulous discount- buy a $300 Silver Ticket for only  $150 and save 50% or buy a $1000 Golden Ticket for only $750 and save $250 on your equipment purchase!

  • Consumers may purchase an unlimited number of tickets.
  • No more than one ticket may be applied to any single product purchase. Multiple tickets may not be applied to a single product purchase.
  • One ticket may be applied to the purchase of multiple products.
  • Each ticket may only be used once. If the face value of the ticket is greater than the total cost of the products purchased, any remaining value of the ticket will be forfeited.
  • Upon use, the ticket will be invalidated. Any attempt to reuse the ticket will trigger an immediate charge to the ticket holder’s credit card for the balance of the full face value of the ticket, plus any penalties that may apply, as allowed by law.

Buy a ticket at and redeem it with us!*

*Check with us for updated currency exchange rate AED|USD