Who’s teaching?

Sameh Elsaghir

IKO instructor level 2 since 2004, and IKA instructor since 2015. Familiar with many kinds of water-sports.  He teaches sailing (RYA), windsurfing, wake-boarding and waterskiing. However, kitesurfing has been his main passion for 15 years. He has been an instructor in Greece, Italy, Egypt and Abu Dhabi, his home base. Sameh is an active member of the organising body of Al Dhafra Watersports Festival in Mirfa and referee of its annual Kite Surfing Championship.

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Sameh is able to assist you at all levels- beginner, intermediate and independent rider- and advise on any kind of situation in the water.  Always near the sea, he can be found wherever the wind is, teaching 7 days a week- in English and Arabi

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