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Intererested in kitesurfing? You came down Sheikh Khalifa Highway, saw the kites flying along the coast of Yas island and know that you simply have to give it a try? Then you probably have a lot of questions on how to get into the sport.

What is kitesurfing? ‘Kitesurfing’ or ‘kiteboarding’ is a watersport that uses wind to pull a rider across the water surface on a surfboard or kiteboard. With the right equipment, experience and wind, rider can kitesurf anywhere that is a clear area free of physical obstacles.

 Who can kitesurf? Absolutely anybody who’s interested and passionate about it. Anyone who can stand up, and know her/his left from right and how to swim, can learn to kitesurf. It certainly always helps to be in good shape, but it does not require as much upper body strength as it looks like- it’s actually more about technique and riding style than sheer strength. The harness worn around the rider’s waist enables to “hook in” to the power of the kite, and most of the kite’s pull is absorbed throughout the entire body and not just through the arms. Hence, it is possible to kite for very long periods of time, sometimes hours- much longer than waterskiing or wakeboarding! 

How is kitesurfing different to other water/board sports? If you windsurf, surf, snowboard, skateboard or wakeboard, then you already have many of the board skills required to kiteboard. However, 85% of the sport is about controlling the kite, and first you will need to learn safety and kite control before you can attempt to combine kite flying and board riding. Kitesurfing is somewhat similar to these sports, except you use an inflatable kite to harness the wind for propulsion. Once you are able to steer your kite across the sky, controlling both the power it delivers via the bar, and your direction of travel by proper edging of the board, you will be able to go anywhere and do anything. Kitesurfers are able to tackle any conditions from butter flat lagoons to charging overhead surf. Having an inflatable Best kite allows you tackle any line up as if you had your own personal watercraft. Every session becomes a tow-in session.

 Do I have to take lessons or can I learn it by myself? As soon as you are handed a kite, you will suddenly understand why you want someone there showing you what to do.Please note that kitesurfing is commonly classified as an extreme sport and to be frank: it can be very dangerous. A kite is big enough to easily pull the rider thirty foot into the air when it all goes right- but it is also big enough to put one into hospital when it all goes wrong. In wrong conditions and in wrong hands a kite can be very dangerous; you owe it to yourself and those kiters that you will be riding with to seek out the best instruction possible.  

How many lessons do i have to take? Absolutely depends on your skills. As average you will require 2-4 hours for the first level, another 2-4 hours for the second level, so by the 4th or 6th lesson it is most likely that you can stand up on the board and ride independantly. From thereon it is all about practising as much as you can.

What equipment will I need? First and foremost, do not buy anything (except maybe a trainer kite) before you take a few lessons. If you buy gear before you know anything about the sport, you run a serious risk of buying all the wrong gear. Technology has come a long way over the past year or so, so even buying something from 2006 in perfect condition at a “great price” could be a serious mistake. Your instructor will help steering you into the right equipment for your own particular needs. In order to get started once you are an independant rider, you will need a kite, a control bar, a board and a harness. Your instructor will give you advice on which kite will be best suited to your ability and the local conditions wherever you intend to ride.

What size of kite and board do I need? 3 factors play a role: your riding skills, your weight and the conditions in which you are planning to use your equipment. Check with us to get advice on your individual situation.

How much is the equipment approximately? To start you need a kite, bar, board, harness and a pump- complete equipment will be around AED 8,000 to 8,500, depending on size of the individual piece.


Any other questions? Just ask!

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