What do I learn?

We are teaching according to rules and regulation of the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO).  The IKO Kiteboarding program is designed to help you learn in a safe way while your IKO Instructor respects your rhythm and takes you through all the steps so you can reach your goals.

For detailed information on the lesson’s content see Level 12 and 3.

IKO Kiteboarder Card: You will receive the IKO Kiteboarder Card/IKO Member Card as a part of your training package. This certifies your skill level and is verification as you continue to train and develop- your instructor will fill the applicable fields until you are at level 3 and an independant rider. IKO Affiliated Centers/IKO Instructors worldwide will know how competent a flyer you are and it wil be easier to rent equipment.

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