Kitesurf with Best in Abu Dhabi– Before you buy you have to fly!

All models we sell are available as demo-kites- get in touch with us to try them.


TS 2017

Do It All

  • 4-line open C kite for unlimited freestyle and freeride performance
  • Grunty pull combined with great depower to cover huge wind range
  • Highest performance for all riding styles
  • Fastest turning speed for kiteloops and boosting big airs
  • Great pop and solid line slack for unhooked tricks

ROCA 2017

ROCA 2016

Conquer the Elements

  • Innovative Tri-strut kite for maximum agility and control
  • Medium to high aspect ratio for explosive jumps with incredible hang time
  • Unseen low end grunt for light wind performance in every size
  • Easy handling and relaunch for continuous fun on the water
  • EZ-Pump™ and Twist Lock Valve equipped


Trainer Kite 2017


Learn to fly

  • Easy handling, high stability, bridled RAM air design.
  • Lightweight and durable, ready to fly 2-line package.
  • Suitable for learning, recreational flying and children.
  • Small pack size, take with you everywhere.

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