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Red Bar 2016

Take Complete Control

  • Four line bar in 47 and 52 cm with a single front line safety system
  • Proven original Iron Heart IV Quick Release exceeding international safety standards
  • Custom suede grip for enhanced comfort and control
  • Custom molded Chicken Loop for a comfortably hooked-in ride


Waist harness

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 6.43.23 PM

We’ve got your back

It just keeps on getting better and this season we’ve made the perfect waist harness for any rider looking for comfort and control regardless of their preferred riding style.

To give you maximum lower back support we have crafted an all new 3D sculpted anatomic lumber support that follows the curvature of your lower vertebrae. It moves and flexes with your body providing comfort and support in equal measure. A wrap-around, Thermoformed EVA body belt ensures there’s no hot spots on your harness and allows freedom of movement so you can express your riding style. Fastened with our dual strap closure you can adjust your spreader bar position to fully customize your harness fit.

Triple stitched and reinforced all round the waist harness is trimmed with soft neoprene edging. The integrated spreader bar pad protects your ribcage from crash landings and an additional spreader bar strap helps keep everything locked down for riding in insanely powered conditions.




Pump it up

  • Single and Double Stroke inflation
  • Extra large cylinder for enhanced air flow
  • Sand Guard Filter
  • Frictionless system

Sunglasses 2017 Models

Extreme secure strap, lenses, full wrap around frame, ventilated, floating, soft nose brigde and cushion, adjustable to all sizes.


Lens: w/6c cat.3 Smoke | UV100% Protection/ CE with ATOM system | POLARIZED with ATOM system | HYDROPHOBIC coating- water repellent | Anti-impact protection


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