Our main concern: to get you riding, as safely and as quickly as possible. Our passion is teaching you to fly and fully enjoy this amazing sport, selling equipment is secondary for us and only once you are an independant rider you should take this step.

Your instructor is teaching according to rules and regulations of the International Kiteboard Organization (IKO), 7 days a week- wind, water and weather dependant. No matter what your skill level is, we can tailor the lesson plan to suit your needs and courses can be conducted with individual or packaged lessons. To get started, just bring swim shorts, a (lycra) shirt and wetsuit if required, sunscreen, sunglasses and a towel!

A word upfront: Kitesurfing is commonly considered as an extreme-sport and can be very dangerous if certain things are not considered. Just hold the kite for a few second and you will know what we mean. Taking lessons before trying to kitesurf will save you a lot of time and frustration and is imperative for health and safety- for yourself and for those around you.

Radio helmets: Exclusive in the Middle East and UAE, our teaching equipment also includes waterproof radio helmets with walkie talkie. Apart from making the lessons safer, the radio helmets have proven to speed up the learning progress by at least 30% ! Once you are on the board, you are still in direct contact with your instructor to talk you through any situation and time is used way more efficiently!

Training equipment: We only teach with what we fly ourselves- all training is conducted with Best Kiteboarding’s kites- Kahoona, Bularoo and Taboo. Kites ranging 9m upwards are utilized, depending on wind conditions, boards and harnesses are available in various sizes- all included in lesson price.

Important note before booking a lesson: As for any kind of wind-related sport, wind needs to be within a certain range of speed (neither too low nor high) to really enjoy kitesurfing and get the most out of a lesson. Once you know that you want to take a lesson on a certain day, just call us so we can consider you- we will check the wind strength closer to the date and confirm one day in advance. Please bear in mind that the wind in this region is rather difficult to predict and sometimes not according to the forecast. We might have to delay your lesson a few minutes or cancel it at the spot due to wind conditions to ensure we don’t dissapoint the your expectations on qualilty of the lesson. In that case you will be re-scheduled with priorty.

Cancellation: Once you booked a lesson, you are confirmed. If you decide to cancel, please let us know as soon as you can- minimum the day before, so we can schedule someone else. Thanks!

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